Family paradise


A family ski holiday is an opportunity to share special moments with the ones you love, moments that bring you closer together and leave indelible memories in your mind, which you’ll be delighted to recall later, over a photo album or an anecdote. Because there’s nothing more important than family, the Sainte Foy Tarentaise ski area is particularly committed to pampering families and providing them with delicious moments of life, by taking care of each and every one of its members, whatever their age or desires.

At Sainte Foy Tarentaise, we’re committed to providing families with much more than just a holiday: you’ll experience a true interlude of happiness in a white paradise. Skiing in Sainte Foy with friends and family is an opportunity for parents to discover their children from a new angle, to watch them marvel at the beauty of the snow-covered landscape, to witness their progress on their skis and, above all, to watch them have fun and experiment on the playgrounds designed just for them.

famille ski en forêt

Ski, Play
Every Day

Often in search of thrills and sensations, when they grow up they sometimes forget that their first trips to the snow are an opportunity for the little ones to learn more about the mountain environment and how to ski safely.

To preserve the magic of these moments of discovery for little skiers, the Sainte Foy ski area has developed a series of fun playgrounds, where children can learn while having fun.

    The Natur’Protect missions take your children on 4 fun experiences to raise awareness of the mountain environment and sustainable development, where they can marvel at the discovery of the fauna that inhabits our mountains, while learning how to protect it.

    Les aventures de Nuts & Foxy is a fun sliding area on the “La Chapelle” piste, which our two mascots have had a lot of fun putting obstacles in its path. In this dedicated area, little ones can follow Nuts & Foxy on their skis through a number of fun modules (totem, arch, slalom and various suspended accessories) in a unique and original setting.

    Sainte Foy’s snowparks are purpose-built areas (boardercross and freestyle zones) with varying degrees of difficulty, where the whole family can have fun and challenge themselves at their own pace, whether you’re young, old, a beginner or an expert!

    Looking to enjoy unforgettable skiing experiences at Sainte Foy without breaking the bank? Our Family Pack has got you covered! Available for stays ranging from 3 to 15 days, this special offer is perfect for families of 2 adults and at least 2 children, letting everyone ski at the child’s rate. Don’t miss out on the best family ski deal around!

    Kids Club
    Les P'tits Trappeurs

    enfants avec une luge

    Skiing with your family in the Sainte Foy ski area is a guarantee of special moments with your children. However, there may be times when you need a breather, a moment to yourself, to ski with other adults, on other slopes and in complete peace and quiet.

    In the meantime, this is the ideal opportunity for your children to join the P’tits Trappeurs club: supervised by trained activity leaders, your little ones can have fun while awakening their senses and discovering the unique nature that surrounds them.

    In the kids’ club, your children will discover the pleasures of tobogganing, snowshoe trekking and snow games. Everything has been thought of to satisfy the little ones in a playful area where they can forge new friendships.

    Vast Vistas
    Memories that last

    Tailor-made experiences to create wonderful family memories.

    What would a family holiday be without its share of photo memories? Take a tour of the Natur’Pictures spots that will take you from one exceptional view to another, to be immortalised on your smartphone to embellish your album of memories!

    As well as being the best backdrop you can find for your family photos, the wide open spaces of Sainte Foy also offer great spots for a picnic with your nearest and dearest. Facing Mont Blanc or in the middle of the forest, on a picnic area or sitting in the snow, the key is to find a nice, safe spot to spend some family time together!

    • Freerider sur les pistes sécurisées et non damées du domaine skiable de Saint Foy Tarentaise

      Ungroomed Natur’Riding areas


    • Spot Natur'Pictures avec vue sur les montagnes.

      Natur’Pictures spots


    • Pique-nique sur le domaine skiable.

      Top picnic spots


    • Skieur hors-pistes à Sainte Foy Tarentaise.

      The mythical off-pistes


    Stay All Set
    Great Ski You'll Get

    A mountain of benefits: buy your pass online

    Do you enjoy skiing alone, with family or friends? Do you want to make the most of a day, a weekend or a week’s holiday? Because we all have different desires, the Sainte Foy ski area has come up with the perfect passes to meet everyone’s needs.

    To get off to a flying start on the slopes of Sainte Foy, without waiting at the ticket offices of the ski lifts, buy and top up your ski passes online.

    The Mountain

    One-night Groomer

    After the skiers have enjoyed making their tracks, it’s now time for the groomers to take to the slopes. From the bottom of the slopes, you can only make out their lights as they criss-cross the resort throughout the night. But when you get up high to see them up close, it’s an impressive spectacle that starts to move to the rhythm of the caterpillars. To give holidaymakers a chance to discover their unique profession, the groomers take them with them as night falls to explore the estate on board their grooming machines.

    One-day Tracker

    The still empty pistes, the first tracks on freshly groomed snow – these are the pleasures usually reserved for our ski patrollers who open the ski area before the skiers arrive. But this year, they’ve decided to share this special moment by taking you with them on a behind-the-scenes look at their job, while you enjoy the untouched slopes before you.



      Les avantages :

      • Tarif plafonné de 8 à 21 jours
      • Assure le ski et tous les sports de neige
      • Aucune avance de frais pour les secours (sous réserve de la présentation du justificatif de l’assurance Carré Neige au moment du secours)
      • 1 assurance + 1 assistance = 1 seul produit
      • Déclaration de sinistre en ligne
      • Plafond global de 50 000 € avec une franchise unique de 50 € par dossier (dans la limite du plafond indiqué dans le tableau et les garanties se trouvant dans les documents ci-dessous).
      • Garanties complètes acquises dès le 1er jour

      Par exemple « Carré Neige » vous couvre en cas :

      • D’accident de ski ou de sports de neige sur le domaine skiable y compris le hors-piste accessible depuis les remontées mécaniques
      • D’accident lors de la pratique de la luge
      • De maladie pendant le séjour
      • D’incapacité de vous déplacer en cas d’accident de ski ou de sport de neige. « Carré Neige » vous rapatrie chez vous.