A two-day break with friends

Reunions and

The weekend is peeking around the corner, bringing with it an irresistible desire for escape. Sainte Foy Tarentaise beckons you for a memorable break, offering a breath of fresh air, laughter, and adrenaline at the heart of the Alps. Picture yourself leaving the daily grind behind, hitting the road with friends, with the promise of towering mountains on the horizon.

Your goal? Two days brimming with pure emotion, bonding, and, of course, skiing. Sainte Foy is the perfect playground for this endeavor. Challenges abound, with slopes catering to all skill levels, particularly for those thrill-seekers eager to tackle the red and black runs.

Glides, Challenges
and Memories

Ski entre amis

The adventure ignites right from the first descent. After outfitting the entire crew with brand new gear from one of the resort’s specialty shops, it’s time to hit the slopes. And why not try something different?

  • The Thrill of Snowparks: For adrenaline junkies, head straight to Sainte Foy’s snowparks. The boardercross, with its sequence of sharp turns and jumps, poses thrilling challenges, perfect to see who’s been keeping up with their gym sessions the most.
  • The Challenge at Arpettaz’s Slalom Stadium: Have you always dreamt of timing your descent and pushing your boundaries? This is the place to do it. The gates are set, the timer is on. Now, it’s your move!
  • Nature’s Call in the Natur’Riding Zones: Experience the raw thrill of freeride skiing in these ungroomed zones, all while ensuring safety. Slide through fresh powder, carve your own path, and soak in the freedom of wide-open spaces.
  • Capture the Moment at Natur’Pictures Spots: To cherish these magical moments, head over to the specially designed lift-seats at the Natur’Pictures spots. Here, Mont Blanc and other breathtaking panoramas will serve as the backdrop for your photos, snapshots that will fondly remind you of these delightful moments spent with friends.

The cool wind against your face, bursts of laughter, challenges thrown between friends: these moments are invaluable, and they come to life here.

Gathering with friends is always special, but it’s even better when it doesn’t empty your pockets. At Sainte Foy, we get that. Make the most of our ‘tribe’ packages, tailored so that you and your group can fully enjoy without any compromises. Starting from just 4 adults, it’s the ideal choice to hit the slopes of Sainte Foy together, for durations ranging from 2 to 15 days, with a 5% discount on your ski passes!

Escaping to Sainte Foy is the promise of a complete change of scenery just a few hours away from Lyon, Geneva, or other major cities. A swift getaway, yet so rewarding. The magic of the place, the crisp mountain air, and the unparalleled ambiance of high-altitude skiing: these aren’t things you explain, they’re experiences you live.



Restaurant ski entre amis

After a vigorous morning on the slopes, what could be better than sharing a beer on a terrace, enjoying a hearty meal at one of Sainte Foy’s mountain restaurants, or simply basking in the sun? Savoyard flavours tantalise your taste buds, immersing you even deeper into the mountain ambiance.

For those preferring a more natural respite, Sainte Foy’s picnic spots present an outstanding alternative. Armed with your packed lunch, settle in comfortably and appreciate your meal against the backdrop of the stunning mountains. The sound of the wind through the pines, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the breathtaking panorama set the stage for a well-deserved break.

And as dusk falls, the adventure doesn’t end. Picture skiing back, right to the doorstep of your accommodation. There, in front of a crackling fire, the tales of the day begin, accompanied by laughter and, of course, a sampling of typical Savoyard treats. And who knows? Perhaps a chance encounter at the local bar will be the cherry on top of an already splendid day. In Sainte Foy Tarentaise, every moment beckons camaraderie and sharing.


  • Skieuse en courbe sur le stade de slalom de Sainte Foy Tarentaise.

    In the Champions’ tracks


  • Ski-in/ski-out restaurants


  • pisteur domaine skiable

    One-day Ski Patroller


  • Mountainkart


  • enfant qui observe les pistes

    Getting the Kids on the Slopes


  • Freerider sur les pistes sécurisées et non damées du domaine skiable de Saint Foy Tarentaise

    Ungroomed Natur’Riding areas


  • Spot Natur'Pictures avec vue sur les montagnes.

    Natur’Pictures spots


  • L'espace boardercross du domaine skiable de Sainte Foy tarentaise.

    Sainte Foy Snowpark


  • Famille au ski devant un panneau Natur'Protect

    Natur’Protect missions


  • Pique-nique sur le domaine skiable.

    Top picnic spots


  • Skieur hors-pistes à Sainte Foy Tarentaise.

    The mythical off-pistes


  • Enfant qui s'amuse sur la piste ludique du domaine skiable de Sainte Foy Tarentaise

    Adventures of Nuts and Foxy




Les avantages :

  • Tarif plafonné de 8 à 21 jours
  • Assure le ski et tous les sports de neige
  • Aucune avance de frais pour les secours (sous réserve de la présentation du justificatif de l’assurance Carré Neige au moment du secours)
  • 1 assurance + 1 assistance = 1 seul produit
  • Déclaration de sinistre en ligne
  • Plafond global de 50 000 € avec une franchise unique de 50 € par dossier (dans la limite du plafond indiqué dans le tableau et les garanties se trouvant dans les documents ci-dessous).
  • Garanties complètes acquises dès le 1er jour

Par exemple « Carré Neige » vous couvre en cas :

  • D’accident de ski ou de sports de neige sur le domaine skiable y compris le hors-piste accessible depuis les remontées mécaniques
  • D’accident lors de la pratique de la luge
  • De maladie pendant le séjour
  • D’incapacité de vous déplacer en cas d’accident de ski ou de sport de neige. « Carré Neige » vous rapatrie chez vous.