Natur'Protect Missions


Guardians of the Mountain

The Natural Mountain is the outcome of a shared determination that has developed in Sainte Foy: to preserve the natural mountain environment and to design unique experiences for its visitors, valuing this exceptional heritage offered by nature.

For younger guests, Sainte Foy has conceived the Natur’Protect missions: 4 fun-filled experiences that raise awareness about the mountain environment and sustainable development. With these experiences designed in partnership with the “Du Flocon à la Vague” association of the Water Family, your children will be enthralled by the discovery of the fauna that populates our mountains, while also learning how to protect it.

statue de renard en bois

1. Natur’Renard

The Natur’Renard mission takes you on a small ungroomed blue slope, winding between the larch trees, allowing children their first experience of natural gliding, while also introducing them to the life of the fox. Children call out to the fox using bells before discovering it in a clearing, in the form of a wooden sculpture crafted by a local artisan.

2. Natur’Marmotte

The Natur’Marmotte mission, located at the intersection of the Chapelle and Grand Solliet slopes, offers both an entertaining insight into the lives of marmots and also awakens children to the importance of protecting nature and adopting eco-friendly actions. In this area, best explored on foot, children can see the marmot burrow, an old milk cellar that now houses a wooden sculpture of 4 sleeping marmots inside.

3. Natur’Chamois

At the summit of the Marquises chairlift, Natur’Chamois provides little budding skiers with the golden rules for off-piste skiing: always go out with a companion, stay informed about snow conditions, and carry the right equipment. A first step towards becoming an experienced Natural Skier.

4. Natur’Ecureuil

Natur’Ecureuil, located on the Plan Bois plateau, is an immersive forest trail offering an eco-friendly experience for children: on foot in the summer and on snowshoes in the winter, little ones traverse this trail for a nature walk discovering the fauna and flora of Sainte Foy, explained playfully through 5 thematic interpretation panels.

panneau informatif sur la vie du renard

Activity and coloring books are provided for children. Collect yours from the Tourist Office or download them via the links below.

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  • Skieuse en courbe sur le stade de slalom de Sainte Foy Tarentaise.

    In the Champions’ tracks


  • Ski-in/ski-out restaurants


  • pisteur domaine skiable

    One-day Ski Patroller


  • Mountainkart


  • enfant qui observe les pistes

    Getting the Kids on the Slopes


  • Freerider sur les pistes sécurisées et non damées du domaine skiable de Saint Foy Tarentaise

    Ungroomed Natur’Riding areas


  • Spot Natur'Pictures avec vue sur les montagnes.

    Natur’Pictures spots


  • L'espace boardercross du domaine skiable de Sainte Foy tarentaise.

    Sainte Foy Snowpark


  • Famille au ski devant un panneau Natur'Protect

    Natur’Protect missions


  • Pique-nique sur le domaine skiable.

    Top picnic spots


  • Skieur hors-pistes à Sainte Foy Tarentaise.

    The mythical off-pistes


  • Enfant qui s'amuse sur la piste ludique du domaine skiable de Sainte Foy Tarentaise

    Adventures of Nuts and Foxy




Les avantages :

  • Tarif plafonné de 8 à 21 jours
  • Assure le ski et tous les sports de neige
  • Aucune avance de frais pour les secours (sous réserve de la présentation du justificatif de l’assurance Carré Neige au moment du secours)
  • 1 assurance + 1 assistance = 1 seul produit
  • Déclaration de sinistre en ligne
  • Plafond global de 50 000 € avec une franchise unique de 50 € par dossier (dans la limite du plafond indiqué dans le tableau et les garanties se trouvant dans les documents ci-dessous).
  • Garanties complètes acquises dès le 1er jour

Par exemple « Carré Neige » vous couvre en cas :

  • D’accident de ski ou de sports de neige sur le domaine skiable y compris le hors-piste accessible depuis les remontées mécaniques
  • D’accident lors de la pratique de la luge
  • De maladie pendant le séjour
  • D’incapacité de vous déplacer en cas d’accident de ski ou de sport de neige. « Carré Neige » vous rapatrie chez vous.