Take a break to eat between two runs, facing the Mont Blanc or in the company of marmots, this is the spirit of Natural Ski in Sainte-Foy. On the ski area, discover our 4 best picnic spots to enjoy your snack and at the same time, take in the view.

1. Picnic facing the Mont-Blanc : at the top of the Marquise (2425m)

Perched at an altitude of 2425 meters at the foot of the Col du Granier, the Marquise chairlift takes you directly to this mythical picnic spot in the Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise ski area.
Come and enjoy a picnic in the middle of nature, a moment out of time with the Mont Blanc in the background.

2. Picnic in the company of marmots: at the crossroads of the Grand Solliet and La Chapelle trails (1850m)

On a small plateau downstream from the Saint Guérin chapel, which marks the intersection of the Chapelle and Grand Solliet trails, this picnic spot located on the Natur'Marmottes area offers you a natural and wooded setting, where a few picnic tables have been placed just for you...
Keep your eyes open, between two mouthfuls, some have already seen the marmots waking up.

3. Picnic in front of the glaciers: from the Marquise chairlift (1850m)

From the Charmettes d'en haut, at the start of the Marquise, the picnic looks nice just for the view. From up there you can look down on Mount Turia and the Dome of La Saché.
After having devoured the sumptuous mountains that surround you, you will leave skiing with a full belly and dazzled eyes!

4. Picnic in the forest: at the end of the Nuts & Foxy trail (1800m)

Located slightly downstream from the Nuts & Foxy playground, families will particularly appreciate this little corner of paradise.
At the edge of the larch trees, parents can take the time to savor their picnic while enjoying the magnificent view of the valley. Meanwhile, the little ones who can't wait have the opportunity to play on the playground and its modules.

5. The place you like (1550-2622m)

And then in fact, the picnic is where you want it to be! The trick is to find a nice and safe place, which does not disturb the other skiers for a friendly moment at the top or in the heart of the forest.

Discover where the picnic spots are on the slopes map:



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