The ski area of Sainte Foy has developed 3 marked, secure and ungroomed ski slopes: Natur'Crystal Dark, Natur'Morion and Natur'Shaper Paradise. Ideal for a muscular warm-up or to learn freeride in safety, these areas where you can practice wild skiing will not fail to provide sensations of freedom and thrills to those who dash down their steep slopes covered with a thick white snow.

The golden rules of off-roading also apply here. Always go out with at least one or two friends, as the saying goes: the more the merrier! And don't forget to bring safety equipment.

1. Natur'Crystal Dark

As you descend the Aiguille slope, just before passing under the chairlift, you can turn left onto the ungroomed Natur'Crystal Dark area that stretches across the wild side of the Aiguille. Test your freeride skills on this technical and exotic descent, overlooking the splendid landscapes surrounding Sainte Foy.

2. Natur'Morion

From the top of the Col de l'Aiguille, Natur'Morion will give you the feeling of being a professional freerider, pure thrill guaranteed as you hurtle down the steep slopes of this Natur'Riding zone. Don't forget to take a break to breathe, and above all, to admire the magnificent corridors overlooking the valley.

3. Natur'Shaper Paradise

In the middle of the Plan de Veaux slope, take left to enter the Natur'Shaper Paradise zone. A smooth start on this Natur'Riding zone, then strong emotions as you fly on the reliefs of this ungroomed slope, an ideal playground to try back country freestyle, a practice that merges freestyle and freeride, a true hybrid discipline.

Find out where the Natur'Riding areas are on the slopes map:



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Contemplative, playful or thrilling, the Sainte Foy Tarentaise ski area is full of unique experiences, crafted in the heart of a mountain with a preserved natural setting, to guarantee skiers pure sensations, to live with family or friends.

Learn to ski while having fun, marvel at the vastness of unspoilt spaces by exploring the most beautiful setting of ski nature in the Alps, or shiver while riding the mythical facilities and off-piste of Sainte Foy: discover the multitude of flavours that the ski area can offer its visitors, designed to satisfy the varied tastes of skiers.

Among the bouquet of experiences that is offered to you, here is something to guide you, to allow you to compose your days to the fragrances that you want to give them: it’s up to you to write your stay by drawing the unique moments of escapes that will make you vibrate.

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